Many people don’t know where to go when they have an urgent eye condition that needs to be fixed ASAP. Your PCP? Urgent care? The emergency room? How about someone with specialized equipment, years of training and experience dealing with eye conditions, and broad knowledge of ocular medications? That’s right - us! Your local optometrists!

Here are some examples of urgent eye conditions that we take care of:

  • Red eyes

Is it an eye infection? Eye inflammation? High eye pressure? Allergies? Dry eye? We have the equipment and expertise to find out.

  • Eye injuries

Did your toddler scratch you in the eye? Get something in your eye while working on your car? We can fix it and get you feeling better fast.

  • Flashes and floaters

Some normal, age-related changes in the eye can cause flashes and floaters, but it is crucial to rule out sight threatening conditions such as retinal tears or detachments.

  • Sudden vision changes

Could you see across the room with your right eye yesterday, but today everything is hazy? Vision blacking out for a few seconds at a time? These could be signs of something serious going on with your ocular health, or even your overall medical health.

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