Eye Care

Comprehensive Eye Exams

So much more than a basic glasses prescription, we take the time to understand your concerns, medical history, and how you use your eyes on a daily basis. This allows us to offer customized vision solutions for your lifestyle. More importantly, we perform an in-depth examination of your ocular health to rule out sight-threatening conditions. We strongly embrace technology, but we believe it best used in conjunction with our medical expertise, not in place of it.

Urgent Medical Eye Care

Accidents happen. So do eye infections, itchy eyes, and even your toddler poking you in the eye. ​We can take care of most any urgent eye conditions, without the ER or urgent care waiting time or the expensive bill. We will work you in and get you on your way to feeling better quickly.

Is your child nearsighted?
Is your child's vision getting worse every year?

Until recently, there was no help in solving the myopia problem, other than giving stronger glasses. Fortunately, the latest research is indicating that myopia in children and adolescents can be slowed significantly with specialty treatments.


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