Eyeglass Basics Guide 600x

Q: I have a friend in whose eyes are frequently overly watery. That isn’t Dry Eye, is it?

A: Actually, dry eye disease will often cause the eyes to water in many patients. This is known as reflex tearing and will often happen when the eyes become irritated and uncomfortable. Think of it as the body’s attempt to fix the problem. Breaking the cycle of dry eye disease will help alleviate these symptoms.

Q: When should a person come in to see their optometrist for Dry Eye symptoms and when is it enough to take care of this problem yourself?

A: Any time you are having symptoms of irritation, redness or vision fluctuations, you should consult with your eye doctor. We find that vision fluctuations often precede eye discomfort and we encourage all of our patients who have vision changes throughout the day to begin treatment. Treating dry eye disease in the early stages can often have a tremendous impact and prevent worsening symptoms and further damage to the ocular surface.